What is Torcap?

Torcap is a tool that allows any network application to connect through Tor, even if the overlying application doesn't support SOCKS.

How does Torcap work?

Torcap works by injecting a DLL into every process running under the current user. This DLL then hooks Winsock API to intercept DNS lookups and TCP/IP connections. The decision whether to route the connection through Tor or directly to the internet is based upon the application mask and host mask. When a match is found, the connection is forced to connect to the Tor SOCKS server.

How do masks work?

In the main configuration window of Torcap, you can right click the list of forwarding rules to add a new rule. Each rule can be toggled on or off. If the rule is active then two things are checked against the rule. The first is the process path. For example if Internet Explorer tried to make a connection, Torcap would intercept it and receive a path like "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE". To match this application, a mask of "*iexplore.exe" or "*iexplore.???" could be used. The * matches any number of characters and ? matches a single character. The same applies to the host mask.

Download Current Version: Torcap 2.0.1