Crowds: Anonymity for Web Transactions (1997)  (Make Corrections)  (49 citations)
MICHAEL K. REITER Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies and AVIEL D. RUBIN...
ACM Transactions on Information and System Security

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Abstract: this paper we introduce a system called Crowds for protecting users' anonymity on the world-wide-web. Crowds, named for the notion of "blending into a crowd," operates by grouping users into a large and geographically diverse group (crowd) that collectively issues requests on behalf of its members. Web servers are unable to learn the true source of a request because it is equally likely to have originated from any member of the crowd, and even collaborating crowd members cannot distinguish the... (Update)

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...may cause an adversary to take action against all of them. An alternate approach to classifying levels of anonymity is presented by [41], where anonymity levels for users range from exposed to beyond suspicion . These levels are in terms of an idealized adversary s...

...use of public key encryption imposes is small and could be overlooked by merchants that only deal with a small number of customers. Crowds[16, 17]. Crowds is the name of a randomized routing protocol that has been developed to provide 12 Sender Receiver Mix level 1 Mix level...

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