How to break a practical MIX and design a new one (2000)  (Make Corrections)  (19 citations)
Yvo Desmedt, Kaoru Kurosawa
Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Abstract: . A MIX net takes a list of ciphertexts (c1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; cN ) and outputs a permuted list of the plaintexts (m1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; mN ) without revealing the relationship between (c1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; cN ) and (m1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; mN ). This paper first shows that the Jakobsson's MIX net of Eurocrypt'98, which was believed to be resilient and very efficient, is broken. We next propose an efficient t-resilient MIX net with O(t 2 ) servers in which the cost ... (Update)

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...guarantees may rely on honest behavior by a majority of mix servers. Examples of this type of robustness can be found in [17, 18, 10, 24]. It is possible to achieve universal verifiability in the asymmetric universal mixnet that we describe in this paper. Our hybrid...

...However he also describes how to x the problems and optimize the construction, by applying ideas from this paper. Desmedt and Kurosawa [4] describe an attack on a protocol by Jakobsson [11] Similarly Mitomo and Kurosawa [19] exhibit a weakness in another protocol by...

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