Attack for Flash MIX (2000)  (Make Corrections)  (13 citations)
Masashi Mitomo, Kaoru Kurosawa
Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Abstract: . A MIX net takes a list of ciphertexts (c1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; cN ) and outputs a permuted list of the plaintexts (m1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; mN ) without revealing the relationship between (c1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; cN ) and (m1 ; \Delta \Delta \Delta ; mN ). This paper shows that the Jakobsson's flash MIX of PODC'99, which was believed to be the most efficient robust MIX net, is broken. The first MIX server can prevent computing the correct output with probability 1 in our attack. We ... (Update)

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...guarantees may rely on honest behavior by a majority of mix servers. Examples of this type of robustness can be found in [17, 18, 10, 24]. It is possible to achieve universal verifiability in the asymmetric universal mixnet that we describe in this paper. Our hybrid...

...ideas from this paper. Desmedt and Kurosawa [4] describe an attack on a protocol by Jakobsson [11] Similarly Mitomo and Kurosawa [19] exhibit a weakness in another protocol by Jakobsson [13] P tzmann has given some general attacks on mix nets [27, 26] and Michels and...

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