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Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society
Alexandria, VA, USA - October 30, 2006



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Accepted Papers

Full papers

Scratch & Vote: Voter-Verifiable Paper-Based Cryptographic Voting

Ben Adida (MIT)

Ronald L. Rivest (MIT)


Private Social Network Analysis: How to Assemble Pieces of a Graph Privately

Keith Frikken (Purdue University)

Philippe Golle (Palo Alto Research Center)


Study on the Price of Privacy

Dan Cvrcek (Masaryk University Brno)

Marek Kumpost (Masaryk University Brno)

Vashek Matyas (Masaryk University Brno)

George Danezis (KU Leuven, ESAT/COSIC)


A Privacy-Preserving Interdomain Audit Framework

Adam J. Lee (UIUC)

Parisa Tabriz (UIUC)

Nikita Borisov (UIUC)


Swing & Swap: User-Centric Approaches Towards Maximizing Location Privacy

Mingyan Li (University of Washington)

Krishna Sampigethaya (University of Washington)

Leping Huang (Nokia Research Center Japan; University of Tokyo Japan)

Radha Poovendran (University of Washington)


On the effectiveness of k-anonymity against traffic analysis and surveillance

Nicholas Hopper (University of Minnesota)

Eugene Vasserman (University of Minnesota)


Scanning Electronic Documents for Personally Identifiable Information

Tuomas Aura (Microsoft Research)

Thomas Kuhn (TU München)

Michael Roe (Microsoft Research)


Super-Sticky and Declassifiable Release Policies for Flexible Information Dissemination Control

Sruthi Bandhakavi (UIUC)

Charles C Zhang (UIUC)

Marianne Winslett (UIUC)


Nonesuch: a Mix Network with Sender Unobservability

Thomas Heydt-Benjamin (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Andrei Serjantov (Freehaven Project)

Benessa Defend (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)


Short Papers

Measuring Relationship Anonymity in Mix Networks

Ming-Hsiu Wang (The University of Texas at Austin)

Vitaly Shmatikov (The University of Texas at Austin)


Enhancing Privacy of Federated Identity Management Protocols -- Anonymous

Credentials in WS-Security

Jan Camenisch (IBM Research)

Thomas Gross (IBM Research)

Dieter Sommer (IBM Research)


Revisiting the Uniqueness of Simple Demographics in the US Population

Philippe Golle (Palo Alto Research Center)


Privacy Management for Secure Mobility

Janne Lindqvist (Helsinki University of Technology)

Laura Takkinen (Helsinki University of Technology)


Randomization as a Seller Strategy during Price Discrimination, and its

Impact on Bidder Privacy

Sumit Joshi (George Washington University)

Yu-An Sun (George Washington University)

Poorvi Vora (George Washington University)


Probabilistic Privacy Analysis of Published Views

Hui (Wendy) Wang (University of British Columbia)

Laks V.S. Lakshmanan (University of British Columbia)


Reasoning about Obfuscated Private Information

Xiangdong An (Dalhousie University)

Dawn Jutla (Saint Mary's University)

Nick Cercone (Dalhousie University)


For any questions, please contact the program chairs: wpes06-chairs@freehaven.net