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Session 17: Security II

Some Remarks on Universal Re-encryption and A Novel Practical Anonymous Tunnel

Tianbo LuContact Information, Binxing FangContact Information, Yuzhong SunContact Information and Li GuoContact Information

(1)  Software Division, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 100080, Beijing, P.R. China, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100039, Beijing, P.R. China
In 2004 Golle, Jakobsson, Juels and Syverson presented a new encryption scheme called the universal re-encryption [GJJS04] for mixnets [Cha81] which was extended by Gomulkiewicz et al. [GKK04]. We discover that this scheme and its extension both are insecure against a chosen ciphertext attack proposed by Pfitzmann in 1994 [Pfi94]. Another drawback of them is low efficiency for anonymous communications due to their long ciphertexts, i.e., four times the size of plaintext. Accordingly, we devise a novel universal and efficient anonymous tunnel, rWonGoo, for circuit-based low-latency communications in large scale peer-to-peer environments to dramatically decrease possibility to suffer from the attack [Pfi94]. The basic idea behind rWonGoo is to provide anonymity with re-encryption and random forwarding, obtaining practicality, correctness and efficiency in encryption in the way differing from the layered encryption systems [Cha81] that can be difficult to achieve correctness of tunnels.

Contact Information Tianbo Lu

Contact Information Binxing Fang

Contact Information Yuzhong Sun

Contact Information Li Guo

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