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    The whole Free Haven team can be contacted through the freehaven@freehaven.net address. You may also wish to join our mailing list.

    Free Haven Core Team

      As a cryptographer and network security expert, Roger Dingledine (arma (at) mit.edu) lives in that space between theory and practice. He prefers to tackle the really hard problems so one day we can build real solutions. Current interests include anonymous publishing and communication systems, censorship-resistance, attack-resistance for decentralized networks, and reputation.

      Michael J. Freedman is currently pursuing his doctorate in computer science at NYU, after receiving his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from MIT. His research interests focus on computer/network security, distributed systems, and cryptography, in an attempt to merge theory and systems to solve real-world problems with provable solutions. Current research includes peer-to-peer anonymization, "sloppy" DHTs for content-distribution, and universal padding schemes for low-level cryptographic primitives. In his spare time, Michael enjoys climbing, mountaineering, and other outdoor pursuits, much to the concern of family and friends.

      David Molnar (dmolnar (at) fas.harvard.edu) began using PGP in 1993. He became interested (obsessed?) with figuring out "why it worked" and has been studying cryptography ever since. Now an undergraduate at Harvard University, he keeps up with security issues by attending courses, reading newsgroups, mailing lists, and conference papers, and attending DEF CON in his home city of Las Vegas. David is an ACM Student Member and a member of the International Association for Cryptologic Research.

    Site design

      Felipe Bergo (bergo (at) seul.org)
      Computer Engineer and Free Software Developer, developer of gPS, YAWMPPP, eboard, gBib and other projects.

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